Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Many Thanks For A Wonderful Party!

The Hearts Horses celebrated their Birthday in great style, thanks to the generosity of their many friends at Hearts, especially the Heart Strings volunteers, led by Ellie Tuazon, who organized the party in their honor.

Advisory Board member Tracy Beard arranged for a beautiful cake to be donated by Robyn Loves Cake (, along with popcorn from The Dreier Group, strawberries from The Berry Man ( and lots of treats for humans and equines alike. The Santa Barbara Camera Club contributed the amazing photographs below.Thirty guests tried to guess the weight of Vinnie the Mini, with Patty Clements coming in closest at 260 lbs. (Vinnie weighs 264 lbs.).

 The horses (and staff) are shouting out a huge “Thank-You” to the following friends for the amazing birthday gifts:

The Beechick Family

Rachel Brown

Bruce Bennett, Jaime Raney and Anna Hanne and Daniel Dreier
The Dreier Group

Lou Dartanner 
Jeannette Iwatsuki

Jedlicka’s Saddlery

Sue Jackson

Si and Karen Jenkins

Heather and Jan Kaarsh
Judy McGrath

Roxanne Murrell

Carol Newton

Lura & Aidan Pearson

The Reardon Family

Lisa Runyan

Denise Stevens
Nancy Tuomey 

Lorraine Wilson

AND all the wonderful people who purchased and left gifts for Hearts at Jedlicka’s Saddlery and La Cumbre Feed Store.

If you gave us a gift and are not acknowledged here, please let us know so we can thank you personally for your generosity.


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