Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Board Members Join Hearts

Andy Dowen, Lesley Torgeson, Tamara Simmons, Mark Pasternak
Hearts is proud to announce that 5 new members have joined our Board of Directors. 
We are grateful for the faithful dedication of our long-standing board members:  Barbara Toumayan, John Reardon, Lisa Runyen, Mark Pasternak, Katie Upton, Pam Cary and Bruce Bennett.
We are excited to welcome our newest board members: Nancy Tuomey, Lesley Torgeson, Dr. David Agnew, Andy Dowen and Tamara Simmons.
The Board is responsible for conducting long-range planning, establishing organizational policies, and raising funds to ensure the long-term sustainability of Hearts.   Thank you all for your enthusiasm about Hearts and your dedication to our riders.

Bruce Bennett

Pam Cary
Katie Upton

Lisa Runyen

Dr. David Agnew

John Reardon

Barbara Toumayan


  1. Thanks for spending your time helping to organize and operate Hearts! I really appreciate it. I'm new to Hearts and am so impressed at what is here and what a positive effect it is making in my life.

  2. Thanks to those who have and continue to serve, and a hearty welcome and thanks to you new Directors.
    It is only through the work of Hearts and my doctor (Dr. David Agnew!) that I have been able to improve.